Best 2 Online Trading Platforms In Bermuda

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An online trading platform involves a computer software that investors used in creating orders for products that are finance related through a network that serves as a mediator for the deal. Such software is responsible for trading and buying financial products such as derivatives, currencies, stocks and bonds along with commodities. Despite the involvement of technology here, there is still a need for a mediator also known as brokers, stock exchanges and investment banks just to name a few.


In Bermuda, online trading has been embraced by institutional and individual investors just like in any other developed country.  This trading helps to make the deal faster and also reliable because the software would provide both parties all the information of the said transaction on their screen.  We are here to give you the top 2 best online trading platforms in Bermuda based on our recent research.

1. LOM Financial (Bermuda) Limited OPUS Online trading platform : LOM’s platform has been designed in house to cater to High Net work individuals looking to trade all major markets and exchanges around the globe. LOM was one of the first companies to offer Online trading capabilities from Bermuda. Designed and launched in 2009 it is known for its ease of use and execution capabilities.  LOM has been in business for almost 25 years and is well known in the Bermuda community.     So what are the benefits of investors using their platform? One is the ability for them to trade all North American stock exchanges (US & Canada), European Markets and Asian markets (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore). They could also deal with exchange-traded funds and preferred shares in real time.


Anyone who would use their system could see their balances 24/7 along with their trade histories and pretty much all financial transactions that they have made.   Investors could also personalize the look of their screen that would fit to their convenience in watching the behavior of their stocks and general investment.  Multiple accounts can be attached to one login for use by Asset Managers and Administrators.  Difficult to execute trades in illiquid markets can be directed to LOM’s Trade Desk for an additional fee to work position with in context of market.  All trades are executed in local currency of exchange traded and held in custody with only first tier custodians.


2. Sharedealing with HSBC InvestDirect International: Among the reasons why we picked this company’s online trading platform is the fact that their name has been trusted by a lot of people throughout the world. HSBC is a financial institution that has been there for a long time and with their Sharedealing platform, investors are really going to have a huge chance to get there orders filled. Their platform is convenient and can be accessed 24 hours a day. This open to 37 countries and Bermuda is one of them. You will love the fact that you’re not limited to trading using US Dollars alone but you could also trade in sterling and in Euro.

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May these two online trading platforms in Bermuda help you in making progress when it comes to your finances. Check them out today!

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