Tickle me pink: The best beaches of the colored variety

Beaches are a wonderful place to get a tan and swim one’s heart out. Most people would imagine them as havens with a white sandy shore and a glistening sea by the horizon. However, white beaches aren’t the only kind out there. As a matter of fact, in some places around the world, there exists pink beaches. They are given their characteristic color because of tiny organisms which live on pieces of shells and dead coral. Calcium carbonate from reefs can also contribute to its ticklish predisposition.


One of the most famous pink beaches worldwide can be found in a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean called Bermuda. It is located at about 500 kilometers off from the coast of North America. It is actually a collection of islands, one of them housing the much acclaimed Horseshoe Bay Beach. Its shores are the perfect shade of baby pink bordered by the turquoise waters. Apart from its beautiful natural scenery, Bermuda is also home to some of the world’s largest offshore financial services companies, which include the LOM Financial Group.


Image source: beachesworld.com


Great Santa Cruz Island is one of the rarer kinds because of its coralline sand. Throughout the centuries, red organ pipe coral was weathered and crushed, which then eventually got mixed up with the seashore. It is inside Philippine territory, near Zamboanga City. The country has a lot of beautiful beaches, but it is the very few pink beaches in the entire archipelago.


Image source: outoftownblog.com


Indonesia has 17, 508 islands all in all, and one of them has a delightfully pink hue. It is home to the world’s largest lizard, the Komodo dragon, and the world-famous Komodo National Park. Komodo Island has a lot of rocky cliffs and its water is full of corals underneath.


Image source: askbeach.com


In Barbados, a stretch of powdery pink sand beach also frequently steals tourists’ attention. Touted as one of the ten best beaches in the world, Crane Beach is not only fringed with blushing shores but is also surrounded by jagged cliffs, towering coconut palms, rolling dunes, and magnificent coral reefs.  It can be accessed by climbing down a series of steps whittled into a cliff.


Image source: barbados.org


Another Caribbean jewel and a major financial center, The Bahamas, is also home to an outrageously beautiful island with pink sand beaches, Harbour Island. Its pale pink sand stretches for about five kilometers and is 15 to 30 meters wide.  The pink color of the sand comes from red-shelled microscopic coral insects, known as Foraminifera.


Image source: feel-planet.com


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Invest in green tech: Good for business, great for the environment

Green technology is all about developing ‘clean’ and state-of-the-art electronic equipment, machines, vehicles, or tools using environmentally acceptable practices.  It wishes to address climate change, pollution, and other hazards associated with the use of conventional technologies.  Sustainable development is at the core of the concept.

Electric cars that can run completely gasoline-free and therefore do not emit noxious gases is one of the classic embodiment of green tech. Equipment used to harness clean energy from renewable sources (sun, wind, etc.) is another. However, some people view going green as something that will burn a hole in their pockets, given their steep prices and the high cost of associated R&D.


Image source: intellectualventures.com


Take solar panels for example. They are used to power houses using the light from the sun, allowing these buildings to run on electricity despite being off the grid. However, the combined costs of the panels and a battery to store the energy would likely reach an amount that is less than what is in the budget. Businesses will most probably be the sector that would shy away from this type of technology because it would hurt their profit margin. However, looking at the bigger picture and using the option as a long term investment, green tech can actually open up the business to more growth opportunities.

The upfront costs might be quite large, but after considering the amount of money saved on energy costs in a couple of years, the revenue of businesses can reach different heights. Long-term returns on solar panel investment is nearly guaranteed. In addition, because green tech primarily aims to protect the environment, it can help companies avoid unnecessary expenses related to such events as severe weather conditions, wildlife extinction, drought, and rising sea levels, among others.


Image source: xeroscleaning.com


A lot of consumers these days have become more interested in anything that would preserve Mother Nature. This is because they are now very aware of the repercussions of a rapidly deteriorating planet. That’s why going green can also serve as a brand management strategy to broaden market reach. The company who is making an effort to make the world a better place would be seen in a positive light. And this can eventually translate to a more esteemed reputation, and consequently, higher revenues.

Green technology is yet to reach widespread mainstream use but the volume of developments happening every year is extremely impressive. From e-cars and energy-saving appliances to aquaponics and cloud computing, environmental tech is rapidly evolving. In the financial world, green tech startups have even become viable investment options to diversify investors’ portfolio.

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Reserve Currency and Foreign Exchange Trading

In view of the recent stock market crashes across the globe, a number of financial analysts and foreign exchange traders are touting the more consistent earnings prospects in currency trading. According to them, in view of collapsing stock markets, shaky bond markets and falling commodity prices only the foreign exchange market remains unaffected in terms of prospective gains.  Whereas the investment moves to be made in stock, bond and commodities markets are restricted by today’s volatile and bearish economic outlook, forex analysts claim that foreign exchange trading offers investors the same legroom to maneuver their trades.  Whether the dollar rallies or dips, whether the Yuan crashes or soars, the earnings potential in foreign exchange trading remains.  The catch, however, is you need to be on the right side of the trade.  That means you need to know what you are doing.

If foreign exchange trading does offer great prospects for gains, what should an investor understand in order to trade well?

One fundamental concept to understand before jumping into forex trading is the nature of the United States Dollar, which is considered as the world’s most dominant reserve currency. It’s a common saying that when the United States sneezes, the whole world catches a cold.  By understanding the US Dollar along with other major currencies, the foreign exchange trader can have a better grasp of the direction of the foreign exchange market as a whole.

A reserve currency is a currency held by central banks to form a significant portion of their foreign currency reserves.  Governments and institutions have their FOREX reserves primarily in US Dollars today.  Next to the US dollar, the Euro, Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar and Chinese Yuan are also held by central banks as part of their reserves.

In the face of severe market and economic uncertainties, investors tend to flock to the United States Dollar as a safe haven.  For example, the current race of national governments to depreciate their currencies against each other has taken the form of a currency war.  Because of this volatile state, some experts believe that the United States Dollar is bound to rally as investors run to it for safe haven.

However, it is also important to consider that severe market jolts, like a world war, for example, can utterly shake up the normal state of things. What was formerly a dominant currency can,in the face of such an event, be replaced by another.

For instance, prior to World War II, the Pound Sterling was considered the world’s reserve currency.  More than 60% of global trade was denominated in Pound Sterling.  The British funded investments around the world and London was the center of banking.  Great Britain was an empire that dominated trade, exporting its goods and services around the world.  The sun did not set on the vast expanse of British territories.

However, after World War II, a different economic landscape began to take shape.  The United States, having ended the war once and for all with the bomb, became the new reserve currency when all the nations, coming out of the war, agreed in Bretton Woods, to anchor the global financial system on the currency of the United States.  Apart from decisively ending the war, the United States’ economy had also grown and outpaced that of Great Britain.


Fast forward to the present state of the global economy, the US Dollar is facing a number of contenders vying for its reserve currency status – the most aggressive challenger being the Chinese Yuan.

Just last November 30, the IMF welcomed the Chinese Yuan to become a part of its Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) basket of currencies. The value of SDRs is calculated on a daily basis, from the basket of values of the US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Japanese Yen and now, Chinese Yuan.  China is a major proponent of using SDRs for international payments.

China also recently launched the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.  Some experts view the AIIB as the beginning of the end of the current global financial system based on the Bretton Woods Agreement. The AIIB, stands to compete against the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in terms of effectiveness and relevance to the international economy.

The United States aggressively campaigned against the AIIB in 2015.  Surprisingly, US allies such as Germany and Australia, and even China’s supposed enemies such as the Philippines, lined up to join the AIIB, despite the discouragement from the United States.

Forex traders need to consider these subtle shift in sentiments because a change in the global reserve currency is bound to shake the foreign exchange markets.  Knowing the general trend like what we do at LOM will contribute in making sure an investor is on the right side of the trade.




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Best 2 Online Trading Platforms In Bermuda

bermuda online trading | LOM

An online trading platform involves a computer software that investors used in creating orders for products that are finance related through a network that serves as a mediator for the deal. Such software is responsible for trading and buying financial products such as derivatives, currencies, stocks and bonds along with commodities. Despite the involvement of technology here, there is still a need for a mediator also known as brokers, stock exchanges and investment banks just to name a few.


In Bermuda, online trading has been embraced by institutional and individual investors just like in any other developed country.  This trading helps to make the deal faster and also reliable because the software would provide both parties all the information of the said transaction on their screen.  We are here to give you the top 2 best online trading platforms in Bermuda based on our recent research.

1. LOM Financial (Bermuda) Limited OPUS Online trading platform : LOM’s platform has been designed in house to cater to High Net work individuals looking to trade all major markets and exchanges around the globe. LOM was one of the first companies to offer Online trading capabilities from Bermuda. Designed and launched in 2009 it is known for its ease of use and execution capabilities.  LOM has been in business for almost 25 years and is well known in the Bermuda community.     So what are the benefits of investors using their platform? One is the ability for them to trade all North American stock exchanges (US & Canada), European Markets and Asian markets (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore). They could also deal with exchange-traded funds and preferred shares in real time.


Anyone who would use their system could see their balances 24/7 along with their trade histories and pretty much all financial transactions that they have made.   Investors could also personalize the look of their screen that would fit to their convenience in watching the behavior of their stocks and general investment.  Multiple accounts can be attached to one login for use by Asset Managers and Administrators.  Difficult to execute trades in illiquid markets can be directed to LOM’s Trade Desk for an additional fee to work position with in context of market.  All trades are executed in local currency of exchange traded and held in custody with only first tier custodians.


2. Sharedealing with HSBC InvestDirect International: Among the reasons why we picked this company’s online trading platform is the fact that their name has been trusted by a lot of people throughout the world. HSBC is a financial institution that has been there for a long time and with their Sharedealing platform, investors are really going to have a huge chance to get there orders filled. Their platform is convenient and can be accessed 24 hours a day. This open to 37 countries and Bermuda is one of them. You will love the fact that you’re not limited to trading using US Dollars alone but you could also trade in sterling and in Euro.

Mutual funds | LOM


May these two online trading platforms in Bermuda help you in making progress when it comes to your finances. Check them out today!

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